FSPG manufacture and develop a full range of Built-In Fire Protection Systems for infrastructure and assets around the world. Key here is the reference to systems, and not individual products. It is paramount, that fire protection systems are installed to uphold the prescribed fire performance of a structure, FSPG offers this to markets worldwide

All systems are manufactured to global standards including, CE, UL, FM, AS, ASTM and ISO. FSPG manufacture for fire protection, air permeability, movement, water permeability and acoustic isolation systems as well as general construction sealants, Support and training is offered through our highly competent and experienced technical team.

We pride ourselves on the high level of testing and technical expertise that has been built up through years of experience within the industry, which includes site installation to Multi-National distribution organisations. FSPG ensure the correct solutions are specified and delivered to strict budgets and time scales, while complying to strict technical specifications.

The FSPG brand story is compelling, differentiated, and clearly expressed to internal and external players. Our company history includes the reasons that FSPG stands out because of the emphasise on benefits, humanise the brand, and enhance the technical capabilities. We continue our strategy that gives FSPG the freedom and flexibility to explore and develop new product lines whilst keeping us aligned with our customers and their future requirements. Continuous growth in new markets, the brand needs to unite its international partners and through FSPG this is being achieved.

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