FSPG Cable Transit System

FSPG Cable Transit System is a pre-assembled, multi layered reactive intumescent device encased in a 2 part powder coated steel shell. It is designed to prevent the passage of fire between compartment walls, whilst still allowing for the easy installation and removal of services without destruction of the seal. There are a wide range of different sizes available depending on the number and size of the services required to penetrate. It can be formed into a modular grid or linear format, allowing an easy route for services to travel.

FSPG Cable Transit System

Key Product Points

  • Can be used in flexible and rigid walls.

  • Easy installation of services.

  • Instant entry / re-entry without damaging penetration seal.

  • Up to 2 hours FR – E120 EI 60.

  • Can be used with cables and pipes.

  • Many different size combinations.

  • Can be module fixed together.

  • Superior level of sustainability.

  • Ideal for Historical Building Upgrades or new build future planning.

Certifications and Approvals

  • EN1366-3

  • AS 1530-4

  • Certifire CF5237

Key Installation Points

  • For good adhesion the surfaces of the building elements shall be free of any dust or grease and may need to be primed. On good, clean virgin concrete & masonry, no priming required.

  • Ensure that the aperture and services in question are tested with FSPG Cable Transit System and the site conditions are within the application specification.

  • Ensuring that the FSPG Cable Transit System is the correct size for the aperture.

  • Install the FSPG Cable Transit System into place or where existing build limits installation the FSPG Cable Transit System can be de-constructed and wrapped around the services to be re-constructed and then installed into the aperture.

  • FSPG Cable Transit System can then be either sealed with FSPG Fire & Acoustic Acrylic FSPG Fire Resistant Silicone alternatively it can be fixed using the fixing brackets attached.

Tools Used for Installation

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