FSPG High Strength & STD Compound

FSPG High Strength Compound is a high strength gypsum based compound, used to reinstate the fire resistance performance of floor and wall constructions where they have been provided with apertures for the penetrations of multiple services. FSPG High Strength Compound is Supplied as a dry material, and is mixed with water to the required ratio prior to installation. FSPG High Strength Compound is self supporting in floor spans up to 1800mm.

FSPG High Strength Compound

Key Product Points

  • Can be used in rigid floors and walls with fire rated dampers.

  • Rapid setting, zero shrinkage formulation – can be used as pourable or trowel grade, gas tight seals.

  • Excellent workability ranging from stiff to pourable mix.

  • Good load bearing performance in floor seals, * No structural support required for seals up to 1800mm spans. *FSPG High Strength Compounds can be waterproofed. *(Consult FSPG for details).

Certifications and Approvals

  • EN 1366-3, BS 476

  • EN 13501-2

  • EN 717-1

  • BS 6399

  • BS 476 20 & 22

  • 1121-CPR-JA5039, ETA 14/0280

  • UL-EU-00924-CPR

  • BREEAM International Approved

  • BS6399-1 Loading for Buildings “Code of Practice for dead and applied loads”.

Key Installation Points

  • For good adhesion the surfaces of the building elements shall be free of any dust or grease and may need to be primed. On good, clean virgin concrete & masonry, no priming required.

  • Ensure that the aperture and services in question are tested with FSPG High Strength Compounds and the site conditions are within the application specification.

FSPG High Strength Compound can be mixed preferably by mechanical paddle or manually if required. Measure out the correct amount of clean water into a clean container to achieve the desired consistency.

(FSPG High Strength Compound: water ratio) Pourable Mix ratio of 3 – 3.5:1 Trowelable Mix ratio of 4:1

Gradually add the FSPG High Strength Compound stirring continually. Continue mixing until the FSPG High Strength Compound is mixed to a smooth even consistency. Any spillage should be wiped up with a damp cloth before setting occurs as it may stain pipes and services. Mix only enough material sufficient for use within the recommended pot life (20-30 minutes). Pot life and set times will be reduced for lower water content and higher temperatures.

Installation should not be carried out when temperatures are above 35oC. Setting times are normally between 30 and 90 minutes. Warning: Do not attempt to extend working time by remixing with additional water once the compound has started to set, as this will interfere with the setting process. Always mix in clean buckets. Using dirty buckets containing remains of compound from earlier mixes may reduce working time.

Fit damming board/shuttering to bottom of opening. Damming materials must be able to support the wet weight of the compound under pouring conditions.

FSPG High Strength Compound must be installed to the required minimum 100mm thickness.

Tools Used for Installation

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