FSPG Linear Gap Seal

FSPG Linear Gap Seal (LGS) is an elastomeric foam laminated with a graphite based intumescent compound. LGS is designed to perform as a barrier in construction movement joints and long linear installations in horizontal and vertical applications. LGS allows for quick, clean installation being a pre-assembled dry product which is simply friction fitted.

Linear Gap Seal

Key Product Points

  • Can be used in rigid Block Wall, Concrete and Masonry.

  • Can be used in rigid Concrete Floors.

  • Can be used in linear joints up to 150mm wide.

  • Tested with Cables, Cable Bunches, Cable Trays and Cable Trunking.

  • Joint movement capability of +/- 50%.

  • Highly flexible and water resistant, maintenance free, Halogen free, resists fungi and vermin.

Certifications and Approvals

  • EN 1366-4, BS 476

  • EN 10140, EN 1026

  • Certifire CF507

  • IET (IEE) 17th Edition Fire Stop Compliant to Regulation 527.1-3 – Electrical Installations

  • BS 7671-2008 Chapter 42 & 52 – Electrical Installations Fire Resistance.

Key Installation Points

  • For good adhesion the surfaces of the building elements shall be free of any dust or grease and may need to be primed. On good, clean virgin concrete & masonry, no priming required.

  • Ensure that the aperture and services in question are tested with FSPG Linear Gap Seal and the site conditions are within the application specification.

  • Do not install against substrates that bleed oils, plasticizers or solvents.

  • Compress seal between fingers and press into place. Slide in to place to ensure a snug fit to the surrounding building element or trunking.

  • Ensure that core recovers and the edge of the seal is flush with the face of the joint.

  • FSPG Linear Gap Seal can be cut easily with a Stanley knife to give correct fitting lengths where required.

  • Joints of FSPG Linear Gap Seal where they butt up against each other do not require sealant just compression tight fit joints.

Tools Used for Installation

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