FSPG Wrap on a Roll

FSPG Wrap on a Roll is designed and tested to seal service penetration apertures containing plastic and metallic pipes both with and without insulation. FSPG Wrap on a Roll is formulated with thermoplastic composites based on reactive intumescent technology, it has been developed to provide a high volume expansion and high pressure seal in the event of a fire. FSPG Wrap on a Roll offers a solution on pipes with maximum diameter of 200mm.

FSPG Wrap on a Roll allows for a variety of wall thicknesses for internal and external applications The ultra-thin design ensures that the FSPG Wrap on a Roll can be installed into the tightest of locations. FSPG Wrap on a Roll can be installed in flexible wall, rigid wall and rigid floor. FSPG Wrap on a Roll can also be installed directly in to the FSPG Batt System seal. FSPG Wrap on a Roll comes as a 25 metre roll.

FSPG Wrap on a Roll

Key Product Points

  • Can be used in flexible walls, rigid floors and FSPG Batt.

  • FSPG Wrap on a Roll is supplied in a convenient 25m long, 40mm wide roll.

  • Can be used with Plastic Pipes – PVC, HDPE, PP, PE, ABS, PVC-C and SAN + PVC.

  • Can be used to close off various types of insulation around metallic pipes.

  • Causes no known effect with plastic pipes.

  • Halogen free, contains no asbestos, ceramic or mineral fibres.

Certifications and Approvals

  • EN 1366-3

  • EN 13501-1, EN 13501-2

  • 1121-CPR-JA5082, ETA 15/0491

  • UL-EU-01023-CPR, Certifire CF5368

  • UAE Certificate of Compliance

Key Installation Points

  • For good adhesion the surfaces of the building elements shall be free of any dust or grease and may need to be primed. On good, clean virgin concrete & masonry, no priming required.

  • Ensure that the aperture and services in question are tested with FSPG Wrap on a Roll and the site conditions are within the application specification. An annular space needs to be present around the service to apply sufficient installation depth.

  • Make sure that you have the correct wrap size for the type and size of pipe.

  • Ensure where required or centrally within the wall that two wraps are used in the installation sealing of both sides.

  • Ensure the mesh is facing away from the penetrating service and is help in place using any tape once the correct number of wraps as required for the pipe size.

  • Ensure when used in rigid floors that the wrap is installed as required in rigid floors, with regards to location of wrap. Within the FSPG High Strength Compounds the wrap is installed centrally within the FSPG High Strength Compounds taking into account the correct wrap size for the type and size of the pipe.

  • Install the wrap into the wall around the service using the self adhesive strip leaving 5mm from the front face of the penetration seal, thus allowing the gap to be filled with FSPG Fire & Acoustic Acrylic to fill the 5mm gap. Ensure that this is done on both sides of the penetration seal. See typical detail for guidance.

Tools Used for Installation

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